Mercedes-Benz: leader of the premium segment sales in September

Mercedes-Benz sales vs Audi, BMW
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Mercedes-Benz sold more cars in September 2015 than Audi and BMW. We are not counting the Smart and the Mini vehicles. Mercedes-Benz sales registered an all-time record in September.

Mercedes-Benz sales exploded in September 2015, as we announced a few days ago. After BMW has communicated the results for September 2015 today, Mercedes-Benz is the new leader of the premium segment.

Mercedes-Benz sold 188,444 cars in September compared with 180,475 BMWs and 170,900 Audis. Mercedes-Benz growth rate is much bigger than that of the rivals. In September 2015, Mercedes-Benz sales have increased by 15,80%, compared with the same month of 2014, while Audi and BMW have grown by 6.80% and 7.70%. And we have to mention that the September 2015 sales were the best ever September results for BMW.

BMW maintains its leading position in the nine months of 2015 with 1,395,780 units, followed by Mercedes-Benz with 1,476,424 units and Audi with 1,347,950.

But again, the growth rate of Mercedes-Benz in the first nine months was much faster than those of Audi and BMW, with 15,20% compared to only 5.80 % for BMW and 3.80% for Audi.

We cannot compare the results by regions, because BMW has only made public the sales results together with the Mini car. BMW sold 34,600 MINIs and 338 Rolls-Royces in September 2015. In the first nine months of 2015, 246,426 MINIs and 2,604 Rolls-Royces were sold.

Including the MINI and the Rolls-Royce, BMW Group sold 215,413 cars in September and 1,644,810 cars in the first nine months of 2015.

The BMW SUV sales follow the trend registered by Mercedes-Benz, which sold 53,781 SUVs in September 2015. BMW did not announce the global sales for all its SUVs, but the company mentions that the BMW X3 sales climbed to 13,808 units, up by 13.8% compared to the same month of last year and the BMW X6 has reached 4,002 units, by 127.1% more than in September 2014.

September 2015 was also a strong month for BMW I vehicles, with 3,361 i3s (+86.9%) delivered to customers worldwide. Since the beginning of the year, 20,576 BMW i3 and i8 vehicles have been delivered to customers, almost double than in the same period of last year (+95.1%).

BrandSeptember 2015Change from 2014January-September 2015Change from 2014
thereof Germany23,5970.40%201,2035.20%
thereof USA29,0206.20%249,8900.10%
thereof China38,66353.20%266,28730.90%
thereof Japan7,9630.30%49,51913.30%
thereof Germany21,7100.00%208,3675.20%
thereof USA*294,9306.90%
thereof China*342,6832.00%
* with Mini