Pink Mercedes-Benz L 406 – Room for rent

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‘‘Let me introduce myself! Fire Truck is my name. Pink Swedish Fire Truck’.’’ A speaking truck? Well, we’ve seen Cars and Transformers now, haven’t we?

Rolling down the assembly line in 1968, it was a new vehicle class, together with its predecessor, the L319, it was a transporter with a star.

Later on, in Gotenborg, it became the personal car of the fire brigade’s captain and it stayed with him for 20 years. The captain sold it to a couple from Hvistsen, Norway, who was hungry for adventure.

They adopted the Fire Truck and travelled the world with it. Until they converted it into an Airbnb guesthouse. A bed & breakfast accommodation, filled with a bed, book shelves and plenty of decorations to make it feel like home.

Executive managers from Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola and the co-founder of Vimeo all lived in it for a couple of days inside the van with the pink paintwork. The pink van is listed on Airbnb, but people are waiting in a line to book it for a few days. So if you’re interested in living in a van, book it way in advance.