Mercedes-Benz Is One of the Least Recalled Car Brands

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You’ve had more than enough of the Mercedes-Benz recall news? You’ve been having that “Oh, no, not again” reaction every time a new recall comes up? Well, then you must know that other brands do it more often. Mercedes-Benz is actually one of the least recalled brands.

It’s Tesla at the opposite end, according to The leader of the recall ranking actually takes four of the top five spots. How many models are there in Tesla’s lineup? That’s right, four! That must be because of Elon Musk’s “deliver now, fix later” strategy. The move might be a total fail, since recalls bring no costs for the owners, but are pretty costly for the carmaker.

Recalled more than any other brand in the U.S., Tesla is enjoying skyrocketing sales figures worldwide, despite the company refraining from advertising or doing anything else to convince customers to buy one (or more) of their cars.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded no less than 400 recalls last year, which translate into more than 25 million cars being affected. analyzed data from the past years (2014-2022) to calculate the number of projected recalls over an expected 30-year lifespan of the cars. Over-the-air updates (OTA), issued via NHTSA, are also considered.

Tesla Model Y leads the ranking with 62.4 recalls projected over a 30-year lifespan. The Model 3 follows suit with 56.8 expected recalls. The Model X drops in the third spot (27.3) and then comes the Model S (26.4).

The brand with the least projected recalls is Mercedes-Benz, with nine models making the list of the least recalled cars. The Mercedes-Benz CLA scores 0.5, for instance, while the GLA would have 0.6 prospected recalls during its lifetime. The GLA compact crossover, the GLC, GLE and the AMG GT supercar would score 0.7 recalls. It would be 0.9 for the S-Class flagship and the GLS SUV.