Mercedes-Benz is not the only one skipping the New York Motor Show. Who will join them?

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Mercedes-Benz skips the New York Motor Show scheduled for April and it won’t be the only one. BMW and Audi have also announced that they are not coming to the Big Apple.

The New York Motor Show is traditionally an interaction of the European car makers with the American customers, just as Detroit. The event used to be extremely important for the premium car manufacturers, as the United States remain the second most important market for them after China.

Despite the advantages they have in the US, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi decided not to participate. The trio has also skipped Detroit, convinced that expenses are not as high as benefits. The online presentations or private events attract more customers for the premium brands and offer greater exposure.

Why Mercedes-Benz chose not to attend the New York Motor Show?

April is a bad time for the European companies, as they focus financial and human resources to set up the motor show in Geneva.

It is not the only American event that Mercedes-Benz fails to honor. This year’s Super Bowl edition will not include a Mercedes advertisment.

Back in December, when the brand’s representatives informed on the intensions, turmoil spread among the organizers of the New York Motor Show.

“We don’t know what their long-term plans are,” Mark Scheinberg, New York International Auto Show president, told at that time. ”Brands change their marketing strategies”, he added.

Due to the failure of Europe’s most important car makers to take part in Detroit, the organizers of the motor show decided to relocate it and to reschedule it form January to June, hoping that the moment is better.