Mercedes-Benz is likely to accept California pact on emissions

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Mercedes-Benz will most likely join BMW, Volkwagen, Honda and Ford and undertake to meet the ever more stringent emissions regulations in the western American State rolled out during the Obama era. Trump is furious and summons the automakers to a meeting at the White House.

Mercedes-Benz may be the next company to agree the California’s voluntary emissions rules, The New York Times reports. The EQ family is already lowering the CO2 level of the premium company’s fleet, while the new hybrid propulsion variants in the Mercedes portofolio also give the automaker an ace up the sleeve.

Mercedes-Benz would be the fifth automaker after Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Honda that pledged to build more efficient engines until 2026. President Donald Trump though disagrees with them following Obama’s emissions reduction goals and orders them to stop.

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California, together with other 13 American states, are set to make efforts to comply with the strict emissions regulations drawn by the Obama administration and even considers of suing the Trump team for planning to relief the rules.

The four major entities in the car industry voluntarily select this strategy despite the conflict arising between the state and the federal emissions requirements. A legal battle between California, that is one step ahead of other states in pollution reduction, may start at any time, splitting the American market in two: one with stringent emission regulations and others complying with Trump’s relaxed rules on pollution.

New York Times indicates that a sixth automaker is planning on joining the pact, with Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and GM on the list. Together with the sixth, the anti-pollution squad would account for more than 40% of all cars sold in the United States of America. Joining forces will most likely weaken Trump’s emissions standards rollbacks and make his administration lose ground.