Mercedes-Benz introduces revised nomenclature

Mercedes-Benz nomenclature
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Mercedes-Benz has announced the introduction of an updated nomenclature system for its models, seen by the Stuttgart officials as a “simple, clear and transparent” designation.

Since its portfolio has been expanding rapidly during recent years and targets forecast more than 30 models on the global market until 2020, Mercedes-Benz decided it’s high time for a change regarding the nomenclature system for its range of cars.

Basically, the model designation is always an acronym made up of between one and three upper-case letters, while different types of engines are indicated by a lower-case letter.

Mercedes-Benz sees the A, B, C, E and S as core models, regardless of body style. These five, together with CLA, CLS and SL will keep their current designation.

New nomenclature Mercedes-Benz drive systems

However, with the exception of the GLA and G, all the other models will get a different name, including the crossover/SUV area. This means that the GLK will become the GLC, the ML will change its name to GLE and the GL will be known from now on as GLS.

This change sorts things out and seems logical since Mercedes-Benz will assign crossovers and SUVs a name which points to the vehicle’s size: GLC (C-Class), GLE (E-Class), GLS (S-Class), adding to the GLA (A-Class). Also in this respect, the SLK will become the SLC.

The drive system will then be indicated by a lowercase letter, which was to role of highlighting the engine used by the respective model: “c” is for compressed natural gas, “d”stands for diesel, “e” means electric, “f” indicates fuel cell and “h” is hybrid. Gasoline powered cars will be named without the lowercase letter.

For example, S 500 Plug-In Hybrid will be called in the future S 500 e and B-Class Electric Drive will be named B 250 e.