Mercedes-Benz In-Car Gaming Challenge – Gamers, rejoice!

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Gamers from all over the world, rejoice! Mercedes-Benz In-Car Gaming Challenge is here to open new opportunities in entertainment. The technology will though be reserved for autonomous cars only, to make time pass easier while in traffic jams.

The car will thus become an entertainment hall, opening up a series of new possibilities for those onboard, that are not required to pay full attention to the road. They can thus engage in attractive games or follow modern learning programs.

Daimler starts a major competition for new entertainment ideas: it is the In-Car Gaming Challenge, in search of extraordinary ideas.

Mercedes-Benz sets no limit to the ideas, whether flying to Mars in a game or fishing Mercedes stars from the sky together with other vehicle occupants.

Gamers, developers, interaction designers and students may all compete, also opening the doors for car-to-car games, as occupants may engage in playing with travelers from across the city.

Mercedes-Benz In-Car Gaming Challenge

Only recently, at the Mobile World Congress, Daimler demonstrated the direction in which gaming might go with the new CLA. The accelerator and brake pedal regulate the speed of the game SuperTuxKart, which can be played in the parked car.

There are three categories in which the Challenge can be entered: passenger cars, buses and as mobile application.

The winners may receive tickets for the ESL tournaments, money prizes or the special opportunity: to meet the specialists of Daimler AG and develop the game concept together, as a six-month pilot project.

Those who want to provide a glimpse of tomorrow’s entertainment onboard can submit their application until May 16th, at