Mercedes-Benz helps Renault create better interiors

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Mercedes-Benz’s experts have embarked on a Renault saving mission, lending their vast expertise in creating state-of-the-art interiors. The first model set to get the Mercedes’ magic wand treatment is the all-new mid-size Talisman sedan – Laguna replacement.

Renault aims high, very high with its new Talisman with the company’s design boss, Laurens van den Acker, going as far as comparing the new sedan with models from the premium segment, in therms of perceived quality.

And he might be right. Renault Talisman is the first result of an interesting colaboration between the French car maker and Mercedes-Benz.

German experts flew over to the Douai plant in France, assisting Renault in the development process of the new Talisman and the implementation of the Laguna replacement on the plant’s production lines. The result is a thoroughly constructed car which gets Mercedes-Benz certification for quality control.

Mercedes-Benz is quick to address the existence of any M-B branded parts. There is no such thing under the ball dress and all the fancy componentry of Renault’s new take on the mid-size segment. Talisman is only blessed with Mercedes’ high levels of attention to detail and, of course, its expert’s stamp of approval. Nothing less, nothing more.

Even if the Mercedes-Renault association might seem odd to some parties, the joint effort is not entirely surprising, given that Renault has worked closely with Daimler in various common projects, such as the diesel engines or small-car architecture related programs.