Mercedes-Benz G-Class fossilized: Find out how it was made – video

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How was the classic Mercedes-Benz G-Class fossilized resin sculpture, presented at the launch of the 2nd generation off-road legend in 2018, made? Find out the answer straight from Mercedes and its video channel on Youtube!

At the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes presented its new G-Class. To accompany the launch of this iconic all-terrain vehicle and mark the spirits, the manufacturer has “fossilized” a first-generation SUV. The 1979 model was fully cast in a resin block. More than a year after the presentation of this work, Mercedes has just released a behind-the-scenes video of the design.

90 days of production and 52 tons of resin
It took 90 days, and nearly 8,892 hours of work, to develop the giant sculpture which is 5.5m long, 2.55m wide and 3.10m high. The Mercedes-Benz 280 GE chosen for the sculpture was engulfed by 40,708 liters of resin. It is yellow-orange in color reminiscent of amber, this resin that often contains inclusions of small fossil organisms (plants, insects).

The work weighs in everything and for everything … 52 tons! Designed in Hamburg, Germany, the fossilized G-Class made the trip to Detroit by container ship. As soon as it was installed behind the doors of the Cobo Center, it made a real impression to all passers-by.

By its slogan “Stronger Than Time”, the manufacturer wants to remind that its G-Class range withstands everything. For the record, the 1st generation off-road has remained almost 40 years in the commercial catalog!