Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week brings bizarre looks and crazy hairdos!

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Some may call them outrageous. Let’s be kind and just call them bizarre. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been bringing strange outfits to the catwalk for years. But that’s fashion: you don’t explain it. You just take it for what it is.

It’s haute couture, ladies and gentleman, so nobody actually expects you to wear it out there in the street. It’s all in the name of art.

The international website SFGate brings the most eye-catching and jaw-dropping photos of the event. Russian-born, Munich-based designer Irene Luft is well known for her luxurious creations. The hair is not that strange, we’ve seen this before. But the eyes are freaking us out a little bit.

Bizarre fashion 2

The Viktor & Rolf show brought upon the catwalk a framed painting in the shape of a woman. The canvas dress had wooden frames all over: neck, sleeves and lap. She must have been… framed. Literally!

Bizarre fashion framed

Jean Paul Gaultier has been around for decades. The haute-couture and pret-a-porter designer, who also created world famous perfumes, displayed wild tribal motifs during the Parisian Fashion Week, but how is the model ever going to sit down? And if she eventually does it, will she need two sits for the outfit?

Bizarre Fashion Gaultier

And it was also Gaultier who must have changed the image of the “big hair” forever with this hairdo!

Bizarre Fashion Gaultier hairdo

So as we said, just don’t worry. These are just exhibits of the haute-couture. And that has always been so familiarly bizarre.