Mercedes-Benz expert teaches you how to take care of brakes correctly

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Braking is just as important as acceleration. All drivers would agree that this is no overstatement. Whenever you accelerate, you will need to brake at some point. But how exactly do you take care of your brakes correctly? A Mercedes-Benz expert explains.

Whenever you step on the brake pedal, the brake pad passes on the brake disc, resulting into friction, the Mercedes-Benz YouTube channel video host, Chris Brow, explains. And therefore, the usual wear and tear effect shows up. On the long term, you need to protect your braking system as much as possible. How can you make sure your brakes decelerate perfectly?

The brakes that equip your Mercedes-Benz always provide the best braking performance for the model that you drive. You may be going downhill, you may be pulling a trailer or you may be on the racetrack. The AMGs deceleration system will always work differently from – let’s say – that in an entry-level A-Class compact.

Take care of the brakes. High-quality materials will save you time and money

But drivers must keep in mind that, in order to reduce wear and tear, the cars with the three-pointed star logo benefit from the best of materials. This will result into less brake parts replacement and saves you time and money.

The patented lightweight brake discs save important kilograms. They of course provide more comfort, better performance and safety.

In order to make sure the system works correctly, you should regularly take your car to a Mercedes-Benz workshop. A professional will check your brakes and recommend replacements whenever necessary. Well-functioning brakes are surely essential for a safe journey.