Mercedes-Benz EQV concept on a ride in Barcelona

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The Mercedes-Benz EQV is out testing in Barcelona, on a ride that is set to establish the final configuration of the electric van. It is the world’s first EV in the segment.

The Mercedes-Benz EQV concept has completed its first official journey. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this past March, the EQV is a preview of the production vehicle with the same name. The model is set to premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall and go into series production soon after.

Mercedes-Benz EQV concept (13)

The vehicle is set to be a zero-emission variant of the V-Class van, featuring characteristics typical to electric models, such as blue exterior and interior elements, that suggests its non-poluting drive. The presence of the EQ-specific grill with an LED strip also indicates that there is an electric vehicle.

When out in the street, the EQV will cover approximately 400 kilometers (249 miles) between charges, with the energy stored in a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery with fast charging function. When plugged in for approximately 15 minutes, the battery gets enough current to secure a 100 kilometers (60 miles) drive.

Mercedes-Benz EQV concept (6)

The unit should not compromise space and comfort, since it will be mounted in the underbody of the vehicle. An electric motor will drive the front axle, providing 204 PS. The top speed will be of 160 km/h (99 mph).

Mercedes promises unparallel luxury in the MPV segment, with fine finishes, premium materials and ideal modularity onboard the company’s future EQV.