Mercedes-Benz EQ C electric SUV teased one more before 4 September reveal

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On September 4, the Mercedes-Benz EQ C will be officially unveiled. The first electric SUV from the brand will position Mercedes-Benz ahead of its German rivals.

While the Jaguar’s I-Pace can already be found on the market, as far as electric SUVs from Germany are concerned the niche still remains relatively quiet. That is changing this year. Audi will present the fully electric E-tron later this year, but it is Mercedes-Benz that will beat the carmaker from Ingolstadt to market with the EQ C.

The fully electric SUV Mercedes-Benz EQ C and the first production model wearing the Mercedes EQ sub-brand label is already about a week presented.

On its official Instagram page Mercedes-Benz today shows a teaser in which a piece of the EQ C nose can be seen. The EQ C is the production version of the Generation EQ, a study model that was presented two years ago and that sounded the start of the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz EQ sub-brand, dedicated entirely to electric models.

Mercedes-Benz EQ C is built on Daimler’s new EVA platform, a modular architecture on which Mercedes-Benz plans to build at least 8 electric cars. The SUV receives a battery pack with a capacity between 70 kWh and 110 kWh and must therefore be able to have a range of 400 to 500 kilometers. The Mercedes-Benz EQ C will be built in Bremen.