Mercedes-Benz E 500 according to VATH

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If you find the E 63 AMG to be a tad too common, then you can go for this VATH converted Mercedes-Benz E 500 and hope not a lot of people follow your lead.

The comparison  with the AMG version was not an accident, since the VATH package boosts the already powerful E 500 very close to E 63 AMG levels of performance. Well, since it is 7 hp short and a full 110 Nm over the E 63 AMG’s numbers, you might even say you’re getting more than the factory tuned E-Class is offering.

Since this is an independent tuning company, the speed limiter automatically comes off and so the VATH E 500 is free to accelerate all the way to 300 km/h. There’s no info on the 0-100 km/h sprint, but you can expect a figure close to E 63 AMG’s 4.2 (3.7 for the 4MATIC version).

The VATH E 500 uses the rear wheel drive version which comes with a 4.7 V8 turbo engine developing 408 hp. After the VATH treatment, its power jumps to 550 hp and the maximum torque reaches a staggering 830 Nm (from 600 Nm). This part of the package will set you back 10.591 euros.

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Performance is also improved with the help of a stainless steel exhaust system with quad oval pipes and a rear carbon fiber diffuser, all for the price of 2.011 euros. VATH is also worried about the handling of the car so it offers custom dampers for 1.166 euros and a new set of brakes with 390 mm discs and 6-pot calipers on the front wheels for 5.355 euros.

Have you been adding it all up?

The wheels cannot stay standard, of course, so the VATH E 500 has 20 inch alloys wrapped in 250/30 R20 tires up front and 295/25 R20 tires at the back, with the extra width hoping to cope with the tremendous power being sent to the rear wheels. Our guess is the 830 Nm will easily break traction even in second and third gear on dry if the driver so wishes.

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There are no images of the interior, but VATH says you’ll find aluminium pedals, a sportier steering wheel, carbon fiber insertions and Alcantara headlining.

With a rather discreet and well behaved exterior design and a very hefty power increase, the VATH package might prove popular among Mercedes-Benz E 500 facelift clients. And so it should.