Mercedes-Benz drops out of CES 2022, will only host digital events

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Mercedes-Benz is the latest company to drop out of CES 2022. The decision comes despite the fact that it was planning to reveal a ground-breaking concept, the Vision EQXX, in Las Vegas. BMW has taken the same decision.

Mercedes drops out of Consumer Electronics Show, the tech exhibition, scheduled to take place at the beginning of next year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It thus joins a whole list of absentees, with BMW, Amazon, IBM and Panasonic giants putting their name on the list in the past 48 hours. Microsoft, Google and Meta had already announced they would cancel the in-person event at the tech trade show.

Mercedes will present the Vision EQXX at CES 2022 in an online event

The premium German car brand was planning to reveal the recently-teased Vision EQXX, a concept car with a 1,000-mile range. Most likely, the Germans will go for an online event. The official presentation should take place on the 3rd of January.

The reason why they decided to step off is the health safety concerns, on the basis of the Omicron cases number rising across the world. The new virus variant has been sweeping the United States for the past few weeks.

Vision EQXX concept car (3)

“In view of the current situation in connection with the COVID-19 virus, we’ve therefore decided to cancel Mercedes-Benz AG’s participation in CES 2022, after intensive consultations,” a spokesperson for the carmaker shared with

“Due to the large group of participants and the different country-specific regulations, a solid, safe and harmless planning for all participants is unfortunately not be feasible in the current situation. We deeply regret this decision but consider it necessary,” they added.

The automotive presence at the CES 2022 is thus significantly reducing. BMW will also resort to an all-digital format. So will General Motors, as they will reveal their Chevrolet Silverado EV online.

Hyundai and Chrysler will attend the in-person events in Las Vegas between 5-8 of January. The attendees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and wear a mask at all times while indoors.