Mercedes-Benz doesn’t give up on non plug-in hybrids

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Mercedes-Benz will continue to offer non plug-in hybrid versions for some of its models. This, despite the recent trend towards plug-in hybrids only, as is the case of the new GLC, professor Thomas Weber, Mercedes board member and head of research and development, has revealed to Autocar.

“In the past we had, not mild hybrids, but small plug-ins, and the missing part is the electrified driving distance,” he said. “Do we need [non plug-in hybrids]? I don’t think so. Because on high-tech diesels the fuel economy numbers are so low that if a customer decides to take another step I think the plug-in is the best solution. But, between plug-in, with its more and more extended electric driving range, there is a gap where we can come back to these hybrid solutions in, for example, the A-Class.”

Asked to confirm if, indeed, the A-Class is set to receive a conventional hybrid variant, as opposed to the more sophisticated and ultimately preferred plug-in route, prof. Thomas Weber alluded a straight answer, simply saying that the technology itself is not dead for Mercedes-Benz.


Mercedes currently offers non plug-in hybrid alternatives in the C-Class and S-Class ranges. “It is still a question which vehicle this technology will go in. It will come, it is in development,” concluded Weber.