Mercedes-Benz crash test dummies – What would they say if they could talk?

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Mercedes-Benz reveals the secret lives and conversations of the crash test dummies. What would they say if they could talk?

Everyone thinks of the crash test dummies as simple… dummies. Strapped onto the car and connected to sensors, they are the objects that engineers specialized in safety analyze in order to create ever safer cars. Which area of the body is at risk? Which one gets the necessary protection onboard the vehicle? What do the data they collect following the crash simulations actually show?

Mercedes-Benz crash test dummies 2

Now Mercedes-Benz finds an amusing approach of the secret lives of crash test dummies. They show Fed and Tommy who seem to have a dream jobȘ they get to drive a Mercedes-Benz every day. Sometimes they even get their hands on several models during a work day. The only downside is that they only get the premium cars for about two seconds, before they crash into a frontal or side crash. Their car runs straight into a rigid barrier or a side barrier crashes into their automobile.

How Mercedes-Benz became a leader in safety – The funny approach of a test crash

Mercedes-Benz owns one of the best crash test centers in the world. Episode 1 of the new “Crash Tales” series show one of the usual work days of Fed and Tommy. But wait! It is not a usual day. Instead of a crash test, they now test the brakes of the car.

A voice tells that it is their lucky days and wishes them to have fun. Fred though is not that enthusiastic about testing brakes:

“Brakes… Never used them in my life! I am a test crash dummy, for heaven’s sake”, he complains raising his arms above his head with what seems to be a burst of fury. “I love crashes”, he exclaims.

Following the brakes test, Tommy tries to cheer up his teammate: “Next time we’ll test the heated seats”, he tells. Fred has apparently started to like his new tasks.