Mercedes-Benz Classic calendar – how to tell the date with style

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Consider this Mercedes-Benz Classic calendar an invitation to day dreaming: you’ll find yourself wanting to know what day it is today unusually often once you’ve hung it on your wall…

I don’t know about you, but if I stumbled upon a time machine, my first few travels would be back in time and only then I’d be curious to know about the future. This partly explains the reason why I find classical cars so appealing and why my productivity would drop severely if I had one of these Mercedes-Benz Classic calendars above my desk.

Measuring 69 by 49 centimeters and costing 29,90 euros, the calendar can be ordered online from the Mercedes-Benz Classic store and will reach the first buyers starting the end of October. The calendar itself is a bit of a classic item in its own sense, being part of a select group of calendars that are eagerly awaited by the public – Pirelli quickly comes to mind.

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This 2016 edition comes with a self-explanatory title: “Fascination of Mercedes-Benz Classic”. Each of the twelve calendar motifs stands for the unrivalled historical depth of the brand fronting the world’s oldest automobile manufacturer. For example, the calendar month of September shows three of the legendary 300 SLR racing sports cars of 1955, which were skilfully presented for the camera during a 2015 reunion in places famous for the Mille Miglia triumph.

At the end of the day, you don’t really need any excuses to buy a collector’s item that also happens to feature hi-res images of some of the most beautiful cars ever produced. And also does the very important task of telling you what day it is today.