Mercedes-Benz cars could become iPhone controlled vehicles

Mercedes-Benz CarPlay.
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Apple recently announced that it is looking at ways of transforming its popular iPhone into a remote control for cars, using the CarPlay in-car system integrated by Mercedes-Benz in its new C-Class model.

As we all know, Mercedes-Benz showed how the Apple CarPlay system works on a vehicle using a new C-Class at the Geneva Motor Show. Now, as smartphones already play a huge role for users in everyday life, Apple is thinking of using its successful iPhone as a remote control for cars.

It might sound crazy, but according to Apple, this could be achieved by building on the CarPlay system. Therefore, Apple filed a patent that could allow an iPhone to control a car’s functions from the outside, without direct human imput.

This is where the CarPlay system comes into play. Along with the Bluetooth function, it could establish where you are in relation to your car.  The system could start the engine for you or it could activate the entertainment system or ventilation functions on a cold day, minutes before you even entered the car.

But are you ready to embrace such a technology that would allow you to control your Mecedes-Benz from a distance? Apple surely thinks so and this piece of technology might be available pretty soon, given the fact that the CarPlay system already exists.

Back in March 2014, Mercedes-Benz was the first German premium automotive manufacturer which brought Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system based on the iPhone into cars. CarPlay uses Siri to let driver make calls, send messages and access the navigation system.

Source: Mercedes-Benz, Apple