Mercedes-Benz, at the Top “Down Under”

Mercedes-Benz, Car of the Year in Australia
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It pretty much looks like the year of the Mercedes-Benz. The German cars have just won three categories in Australia’s Car of the Year Awards.

Where are they going to put all these trophies? Mercedes-Benz gets straight to the top of the ranking, by getting all the attention “Down Under”. The experts representing Australia’s motoring clubs have voted for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 200 as Australia’s Car of the Year.

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For this year’s Australian Best Cars awards, no less than 220 cars were tested, 45 finalists were selected and 15 category winners were announced. But one car stood out for the judges. The rivals did not stand a chance. The C was also voted best luxury car getting under AU$100 000 (70 000 euros), by the experts of The CLS also got at the top “Down Under”. It got a prize in the same category.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

“Based on critical evaluation, the C-Class delivers top performace overall in terms of operating costs and value retention”, specialists say. They also state that the C-Class provides more quality, comfort and safety than other saloons which go way above AU$200 000 (136,000 euros). One in ten cars sold in Australia comes from the luxury segment.

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The Mercedes A 45 AMG was chosen Best Sports Car of the Year in Australia. The experts called it “a custom-made giggle factory, cat-footed through turns, rocket-quick on the straights, loud and explosive of sound.”