Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is yours to buy

Mercedes-Benz B-Class.
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The B-Class Electric Drive is Mercedes-Benz’s quick response towards the challenges raised by the electrical vehicle market in Europe, a young but fast-growing area where other competitors have already invested a lot of money.

The B-Class Electric Drive is now available to order and deliveries should start, according to Mercedes-Benz, right before the end of 2014. The starting price has been set by Mercedes-Benz at 39,151 euro. However, Mercedes-Benz is giving its clients the option of leasing the B-Class Electric Drive through the Mercedes-Benz Bank for just 399 euro a month.

Clients who decide to buy or lease the full-electric B-Class model will get an eco-friendly package which makes use of a 132 kW electric motor. The engine silently delivers a maximum torque of 340 Nm and allows the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Depending on his or her preferences, the driver can select between three driving modes: Economy Plus, Economy and Sport.

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Mercedes-Benz offers three equipment lines for the B-Class Electric Drive: Style – for an extra 1.065 euro, Urban – for 1.707 euro and Electric Art – for 2.308 euro. With the optional RANGE PLUS kit, available for 893 euro, the range of the B-Class Electric Drive can be extended by 30 km, to 230 km. In addition to this, the RANGE PLUS options also offers a heated windscreen, various insulation measures and heat-insulated, dark tinted windows.

In terms of safety, the B-Class Electric Drive will feature an acoustic vehicle alert function which protects pedestrians and cyclists by generating a specific sound up to a speed of 30 km/h. The driver is also well-protected thanks to the further-developed assistance systems COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS and ATTENTION ASSIST, offered as standard.

The B-Class Electric Drive comes as standard with a charging cable for wallbox and public charging stations. However, clients can opt free of charge for a four-meter-long charging cable which suits their standard household socket.

Mercedes-Benz officials say that each battery is certified as a guarantee of performance, which ensures that any technical errors within a period of eight years or up to a mileage of 100,000 km since purchase will be revised and rectified by Mercedes-Benz.

Source: Mercedes-Benz