Mercedes-Benz B-Class: B Stands for Baby

Mercedes-Benz B-Class
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B prepared for life! This is how Mercedes-Benz is introducing the B-Class in TV commercials! But the B also stands for “baby”, they claim. The young couple in the B-Class TV ad seems ready to have one. They already have the space for the little one!

Exhibit A. Him. The head of the family. But not quite a father figure. Playing hide-and-seek and fooling around in the B-Class and all around it. It all peaks when he launches balloons outside her office.

Exhibit B. Her. A business woman. Always sober. Always busy. And kind of sarcastic. Does not like balloons whatsoever.

Exhibit C. Oh, there is no exhibit C. So he feels like there is something missing in the backseat of their… B-Class and asks her how she feels about having kids. Watch the video to find out her answer:


It is sporty style and driving dynamics mixed up with practicality, comfort and safety in the B-Class. Probably that is what drives him, the male character in the TV ad, to pop the question. Not the “Will you marry me?” one, as he already got an “I do” for that. The next one. The plan B question, to fill the backseat of the B-Class.

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Mercedes-Benz B-ClassThere is no need to compromise, Mercedes says. The German brand is presenting the Mercedes-Benz B-Class as a redefinition of space and an upgrade of the sporty style. The B goes out of the daily routine and is called Best-in-class for the safety features and for the high-quality and functional interior. It actually offers to USB ports as standard, to connect the driver’s smartphone and also an automatic dial of the emergency number in case of trouble.

The engine range includes no less than four 4Matic versions, ending up with the very quiet Electric Drive version. It’s for money saving and for not waking up the baby in the backseat.