Mercedes-Benz Arocs: Good for the Wood

Arocs 2651 Euro VI
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Timber transport can put a truck to the test, no matter how strong. It demands everything: space, power and transportation safety. So that is exactly why a sawmill in Achern, Germany, chose the best of the best out there: The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2641 Euro VI.

This is what the Arocs 2651 Euro VI with timber transport body was created for. The muscular 6×4 chassis towing a trailer, was specially built for timber transport and it has been heavily put to the test by Paul Hammann GmbH, a company based in Grömbach, offering professional transportation options.

Mercedees-Benz Arocs

The Hammann-Arocs brings out a 380 kW (517 HP) output  and seems to be a reliable ranger, that can beat tough course and can be agile and safe, even when fully laden with 2.5 meter long spruce and fir logs. No time to sightsee though. Redefining heavy load, the Arocs, specially fit for extreme operations, takes the logs from the fastidious steep terrain in the Black Forest Mountains of Germany to the sawmill in Achern. At the sawmill, they are to be turned into Euro-pallets and then to be delivered across the continent in the back of a truck.

The Mercede-Benz Arocs 2651 is also considered to be environmental friendly. It features a system that allows the driver to lower tire pressure in order to minimise damage to forest trails and then reinflate the tires back again.

Mercedees-Benz Arocs

The Daimler trucks are selling well across the globe. They almost sold half a million of them in the passing 2014. This is where you can read about the truck sales for the passing year.

With high tractive power and robustness, the Arocs truck is not good only for the wood, but also for constructions, winter services and just about any heavy-duty service there is.