Mercedes-Benz apologizes for inappropriate tweet

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Mercedes-Benz took the time to apologize after an online faux-pas. A tweet posted on the premium car maker’s profile seemed to celebrate the carbon dioxide emissions of the GLA.

“If this summer wasn’t warm enough already, the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 4MATIC will heat things up even more with this red-hot finish”, was the tweet that sparked criticism last Thursday. With the emissions figure at 193 grams per kilometer and the fuel consumption at 8.5 l/100 km, indicated above the photos of a brand-new red GLA with AMG genes.

The Twitter users slammed the tweet and accused the company of celebrating pollution. Mercedes-Benz expressed regrets towards the move. “Folks, that was not really our finest hour. We apologize sincerely. We’re working hard on the transformation of our car fleet. We aim for CO2-neutral mobility”, was the reaction on Friday.


The initial post was just a wrong issue at the wrong time with climate change affecting the entire world. Western European countries have been through hell for several days with a heatwave that brought record temperatures.

Mercedes holds one of the best social network activities, with 3.4 million people following the brand on Twitter, 21.6 million on Instagram and over 20 million on Facebook