Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR – Bizarre homemade car for sale

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Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR. “It is a Mercedes-Benz replica”, those who saw this bizarre homemade care said. But a replica of what? This model – whatever it may be – is currently for sale.

You want a useless model that will turn every head out there when you drive around? Well, there it is. This model is up for sale through Craigslist. But what is it actually?

The listing indicates that it is a Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR that took inspiration from the Mercedes C8, C9 and C11 race cars. Well, it doesn’t look that way to us, but who are we to contradict the seller? He must know best, right? He does not provide any information on the underpinnings of this model. But what we know from the sales announcement is that he is asking $75,000 for his bizarre homemade model. So that must be something special about it.

The owner says that the car is 6 to 8 inches wider than a normal car. It features “Gold wing” doors, another way of saying “gullwings”, the kind that the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing sported in the mid-50s. The Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR also comes with what the owner calls a “full tilt rear body”, whatever that may be.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR sports a Chevy V8 engine

A Chevy V8 engine with an Edelbrock carburetor sets this creation in motion. The C8 GTR also comes with chrome manifold covers, aluminum water pump and polished high-flow intake manifold. They all found room beneath the bizarre-looking half-glass, half-metallic bubble at the rear. A six-speedm anual transmission and independent suspension round up the technicalities.

Once the “gold wing” doors spring upwards, you can see the three-spoke steering wheel in fake carbon fiber. The dashboard in fake carbon fiber and brown leather looks just as strange. Meanwhile, the seats seem to be bolted directly to the floor of the car.