Mercedes-Benz: all time sales record in September 2015

Mercedes-Benz sales September 2015
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Mercedes-Benz breaks record after record. September 2015 and the third quarter of 2015 recorded the best results in the company’s history.

Mercedes-Benz delivered 188,444 cars in September 2015. With a plus of 15.8% compared with September 2014, September 2015 is the best month in the company’s history. And all the third quarter of 2015 represents an all time record with 477,999 vehicles sold.

Also the 2015 result is very good with 1,376,424 vehicles sold, surpassing the prior-year figure by 15.2%. Almost 30% of the September sales were SUVs.  With more than 50,000 SUVs sold, Mercedes-Benz registered a growth of over 36% in this segment.

Mercedes-Benz performed very well in all markets.

In Europe, 593,716 vehicles were sold in the first nine months, with 11.1% more than ever. About one third of them went to Germany (201,203 units, +5.2%). Mercedes-Benz is the leader of premium car segment in Italy and Portugal and sales grew with more than 10% in September in Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland and Belgium.

In the NAFTA region, all three countries registered sales records in the first nine months. 33,506 units were delivered to customers in September (+8.6%), from which 29,020 units in USA (+6.2%). In USA and Canada, Mercedes-Benz is the leader among the premium manufacturers. 286,961 units were sold from the beginning of the year in NAFTA region.

Asia-Pacific units sales grew with an amazing 32.7% in September, when Mercedes-benz achieved a record of 62,723 units sold. With 38,663 units sold (+53.2%), China recorded an all time sales record. In Japan, 49,519 units were sold in the first nine months (+13.3%).

By models, compact class range achieved record sales of 61,874 units in September (+25.3%). 426,022 compact cars (A, B, CLA, GLA, CLA Shooting Brake) were sold in the first nine months of the year.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse (W 176) 2015Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W 176

The best selling model – C-Class – set up a new record with 332,329 units sold in the first nine months (+59.9%). From all these cars, 46,265 were sold in September. (+38.7%).

The SUVs also registered very high demand, with 53,781 units sold in September. The best selling SUV is the compact GLA, which is also produced locally in China, its biggest sales market.

Smart sales also surpassed the 10,000-unit mark in September (+51.4%), with a growth bigger than double in Europe.

MakeSeptember 2015Change in %January-September 2015Change in %
Sales in the markets
- thereof Germany23,5970.4201,2035.2
-thererof USA29,0206.2249,8907.2
- thereof Japan7,9630.349,51913.3
- thereof China38,66353.2266,28730.9