Mercedes-Benz 12/55 HP Type 300 “Mannheim” is for sale

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The Mercedes-Benz 12/55 HP Type 300 Mannheim is the star of the Classic Gala that will take place in Schwetzingen, Germany, this September. The classic automobile is for sale.

The 1927 model seems to be exceptionally well-preserved and it is publicly on the market for the first time. It is all for a good cause. Therefore 85% of the sales proceeds will go into the cancer treatment of a seller’s family member. 15% will go straight into the bank accounts of the Breast Cancer Germany, providing psychological support for patients.

Mercedes-Benz 1255 HP Type 300 Mannheim (4)

The model for sale is the extremely rare first production series of the W 03. Only 3.854 such units rolled off the assembly line between 1926 and 1928. It is one of the first cars ever to get the “Mercedes-Benz” designation. It sports a wooden body and there is a three-pointed star shining up on the hood, above the radiator grille.

The Mercedes-Benz 12/55 HP Type 300 Mannheim will thus be available through the auction house MyCarmunity. The auction will be a hybrid event due to pandemic reasons.  The features of an online auction will mix up with those of a live event. Those who are interested can arrange a viewing appointment. The sales are free of charge for the classic car enthusiasts.

About the Mercedes-Benz 12/55 HP Type 300 Mannheim

The automobile comes as a large six-cylinder engine model. Mercedes-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz 12/55 HP Type 300 at the Berlin Motor Show in October 1926. The engineers, supervised by the Technical Director of the company, Ferdinand Porsche, developed th car in a haste. Meanwhile, they were also working on the smaller Mercedes-Benz W 01 and W 02. The first of the two though never made it to series production.

The “12” from the designation was a reference to the tax horsepower. Authorities used such figures to determine the level of the annual car tax to be imposed on car owners. The “55” referred to the output of the model.