Mercedes based Ketterer Continental RV, big enough to carry your smart

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The mother of all RVs is here. Mercedes based Ketterer Continental RV is the ultimate dream of travelling aficionados. Basically a luxury villa on wheels, this motorhome is so big it can carry a full-sized smart in its back.

No, this is not a dream. Ketterer has really built a moving garage ready to accommodate your city car ready to tackle those weird moments when such a monster RV would simply not fit into the streets of a small town.

The platform donor is none other than Mercedes’ potent Actros truck, happy to put its sturdy chassis at the disposal of big families willing to spend just as big on their brand new RV. We can’t help thinking the ideal clients’ shoes would actually be filled by Formula 1 moguls or millionaire rock stars touring America from coast to coast.

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Customers can choose from no less than five body and wheelbase variants on top of a seemingly infinite range of customization options covering the colors, the materials and even the furniture and gadgets destined to make their trip a better experience. An experience which couldn’t be complete without a fully sized bedroom and jacuzzi hot-tub.

Bespoke options include the seating arrangements with the 11250 Continental RV offering a flamboyant ambiance based on boldly colored finishing elements, in stark contrast with the post-modernist 12000 variant catering for clients who prefer a minimalist decor of non-contrasting hues like white, grey and silver.