Mercedes-AMG will reach 48 different models by the end of the year

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Mercedes-AMG high performance brand has great plans for the future and will reach 48 models by the end of the year.

Mercedes-AMG has registered a great success in 2015, with 68,875 cars sold. This is the best result in the competition with the high performance divisions from Audi and BMW.

The sales figures for Quattro grew 13 percent last year to more than 17,000 cars, but are still very far from rivals Mercedes-AMG and BMW M, which sold 68,875 and 62,400 cars last year, respectively.

It is also the first time after many years when Mercedes-AMG leasd this high perfomance segment, after the AMG global sales figures rose by 40% last year.

In an interview with Tobias Moers, AMG chief, carried out by Automotive News, Moers has stated that the AMG portfolio will expand to 48 different models by the end of the year.

In the same interview, Moers said that Mercedes is urging dealers to create specific showroom areas for AMG. The first one will be in Japan and there are discussions for a second one in Australia.

In the United States, various dealers have already reserved AMG showroom areas with a distinctive look.

Mercedes has already launched five new AMG models this year at the New York Auto Show: the GLC 43 4Matic, the GLC 43 4Matic Coupe, the C 63 Cabrio in two variants, and the E 43 4Matic with an updated V6 3,0 liter bi-turbo engine with 401 HP.

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