Mercedes-AMG tests AMG.EA platform at -25 degrees

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Mercedes-AMG tests the AMG.EA platform at -25 degrees. This architecture will form the basis of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door electric coupe, which will be AMG’s first electric model.

As announced, Mercedes will have three dedicated electric platforms from 2025: the MB.EA for Mercedes mid-size, large, and luxury class models, the VAN.EA for vans and commercial vehicles and the AMG.EA for Mercedes-AMG performance models.

A few days ago, Mercedes unveiled the first official images of a heavily camouflaged model testing the new AMG.EA platform (AMG Electric Architecture), in extreme winter conditions, at -25 degrees, in Sweden on a frozen lake. The German manufacturer did not give any details about the model they tested or other technical details.

As we wrote a month ago, the first AMG model on this platform will be the electric version of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT4-door coupe, which will compete with the Porsche Taycan. The AMG.EA platform will use axial-flow electric motors produced by Yasa, the British high-performance electric motor company acquired by Mercedes in 2021. These motors have a higher power and torque density than the radial-flow electric motors currently used and will be produced by Mercedes in Berlin, Germany. The motors will be powered by new higher energy-density batteries developed in cooperation with Sila.

From the photos of the camouflaged car, not much design detail can be seen, but from our information, the upcoming AMG GT 4-door coupe will be based on the design of the Vision AMG concept. Mercedes has announced as early as 2022 that future Mercedes-AMG models will be inspired by this design. In the case of the Mercedes-AMG GT4-door coupe, the proportions match those of the Vision AMG, having a 5,100 mm length and a wheelbase of 3,000 mm (AMG GT4-door coupe 5,054 mm length, 2,951 mm wheelbase).

However, the interior will be inspired by the Vision One-Eleven concept, with a narrow display that will span the entire width of the car, a solution also used in the new CLA Concept.

From our information, the electric version Mercedes-AMG GT4-door coupe will appear in 2025 and will coexist alongside the conventional and PHEV versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT4-door coupe.

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