Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar costs €2,275 million – latest info

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Coming this autumn, at IAA, Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar will be built in 275 copies. Project One has a whopping price of €2,275 million, official sources have confirmed at the Geneva motor show.

The drive of the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is to correspond to that of the Formula 1 racing cars from Mercedes, that is, a supercharged 1.6-liter V6-combustion engine as well as two different electric engine-generator units (heat and kinetics, i.e. recuperation). “The highly efficient and powerful Formula 1 world champion hybrid powertrain coupled with a full-electric wheel-selective front-wheel drive concept produces a combined system performance of more than 1,000 hp (735 kW)”.

Mercedes Project One with extreme performance
In the F1 race car, an output of almost 1,000 hp is achieved at engine speeds of around 12,000 rpm. Which has to juggle with a vehicle weight of 702 kilograms. Only: The event alone takes about ten minutes, and the required fuel is not available at any public filling station. So how is this technology to be trimmed to a certain extent for everyday use?

Mercedes-AMG engineers are currently working with Andy Cowell, who is responsible for the F1 propulsion systems. After all, in the road business the fuel flow limitation of the fuel prescribed in Formula 1 is irrelevant. For example, a higher charge pressure (F1: 4.0 bar) could be achieved, which in turn generates electrical energy from the overpressure via the MGU-H unit.
Active aerodynamics as well as four-wheel steering ensure a corresponding driveability.

Still, one of the most important development goals is that the hypercar is homologated for all relevant sales markets and is 100% road legal. Nevertheless, AMG Managing Director Tobias Moers promises “extreme efficiency with extreme performance”.

A total of 275 copies will be built and the model is almost sold out. With this number, “we are hard on the production capacity limit”, says Moers to British media. And, “it’s an impressive car, there’s nothing like it on the market.” Impressing is also the price charged for the Project One: 2.275 million euros plus taxes.