Mercedes-AMG performance arm goes hybrid by 2020

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Mercedes-AMG is said to go the hybrid route by the end of the decade in its quest to reduce CO2 emissions, Autocar reports.

Mercedes-Benz R&D boss Thomas Weber has confirmed petrol-electric Mercedes-AMG prototypes are already in the pipeline with these future green supercars expected to inherit and adapt Mercedes’ current hybrid powertrain technology.

“Every car line has to reduce fuel consumption — even AMG. No one part of our business can be carried on the back of another. It’s a huge task to reduce AMG fuel consumption but we’ve realised that it’s also a huge opportunity,” Weber explains.

According to Mercedes’ development chief, the preferred way of grafting the hybrid mantra into AMG’s sporty DNA is the e-boost solution. Similar to the current system implemented on Bluetec Hybrid models, this set-up will help future AMG supercars add power and regenerate energy by braking, all thanks to a small battery linked to an electric motor.

EU puts increasing pressure on AMG to reduce the CO2 output of its line-up with the latest target for parent company Daimler set at 101 g/km. This value should be achieved as early as 2020, EU regulations implying that more than 95% of Mercedes’ models, AMG sporty-arm’s supercars included, should comply.