Mercedes-AMG One testing almost undisguised at Nurburgring

Mercedes-AMG One in the final testing
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Mercedes performs the latest tests with the almost undisguised Mercedes-AMG One  on the Nurbrugring track.

The Mercedes-AMG One hypercar performs the final tests before the official launch. It is inappropriate to say the official launch because all the 275 units worth 2.75 million euros plus VAT are already sold.

In the youtube movie you can hear at 0:33 the fabulous sound of the V6 Formula 1 engine. Also at minute 1:27 you can see how tight the suspension is. Certainly, the suspension is set in the firmest mode.
At minute 2:05 the second prototype enters the track and its engine stops unexpectedly. The pilot manages to restart the engine after 11 seconds but at 3:00 the car returns to the stands.

The Mercedes-AMG One was delayed for 9 months due to problems with adapting the Formula 1 engine to a street car.
Idle speed had to be reduced from 5000 rpm to 1200 rpm and many adjustments were needed to comply with emissions standards. Mercedes-AMG One is a PHEV that can cover 25 km electrically.