Mercedes-AMG One Smashes Car Lap Record at Monza. LaFerrari, Move Out of the Way!

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The Mercedes-AMG One hypercar was built for records. It is the fastest and most powerful AMG that ever set wheels on the road. And racetrack, too. The One simply smashed the Monza lap record.

The Ferrari LaFerrari should move out of its way. The Mercedes-AMG One covered the lap at Monza in 1:43.902, which makes it more than 15 seconds faster than the Italian hypercar.

With Formula One tech onboard, the One is a production car records collector. It did the same in Hockenheim, in the Green Hell of Nurburgring, and on the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

The time achieved in Monza puts it ahead of the LMP3 racecar that lapped Monza for a record time back in 2020.

Brand ambassador and pro driver Maro Engel was behind the wheel. He was the one who drove the One (pun intended) at the Nurburgring, too. shows that the quickest times for production cars are almost 10 seconds slower than what the Mercedes-AMG One snappedin Monza. The Ferrari LaFerrari took 1:59.00, while a modded R35 Nissan GT-R covered the track in 1:52.59.

The One sports the 1.6-liter engine donated by the F1 car, with a few tweaks that make it road-legal, plus four electric motors. All of them deliver 1,063 PS (1,049 HP) to the tarmac when the Race Plus mode is on. Mercedes only builds 275 such cars, but none is road-legal in the United States due to the strict emissions regulations in force. Those who ordered it though might still be able to get it in their driveway, based on the Show and Display exemption law. It is the regulation that allows the import of cars with higher emissions level but limits them to only 2,500 miles driving each year.