Mercedes-AMG GT4 is here! Video of the 4-door GT leaked

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The Mercedes-AMG GT4 Concept ended up online in a photo-made video collage, just hours before its official presentation at the Geneva Motor Show. The sleek cherry-red AMG comes with the sleek lines of a coupe, yet puts the practical character up front.

The front end of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 Concept is like nothing that you have ever seen in the Mercedes line-up. It does carry the Panamericana radiator grille, typical for the latest AMG models, with the three-pointed star supported by three of the thin silver blades, but it features gaping air inlets and – what is new for the Affalterbach-made models, narrow angular headlights. The elongated hood comes with powerdomes that highlight the fact that it hides a bunch of impressive horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG GT4

Strikingly, just like the longest coupe in the world, the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept, the GT4 has no side mirrors, but features lateral rear view cameras, mounted on the wings.

The concept comes with a profile line specific to the coupes, as the roof harmoniously slides to the sexy posterior, making room for the rear doors. None of the doors come with conventional handles. From behind, the extremely narrow taillights and the single exhaust pipe integrated in an air diffuser, highlight the sporty character of the family GT.

The car runs on giant multi-spoke wheels with a fading golden center and golden calipers.

Mercedes-AMG GT4

It is rumoured that the 4-door Concept might be underpinned by the MRA platform, that the C-, the E- and the S-Class are currently based on, in the AMGs attempt to place it further from the GT Coupe. Yet, it is safe to assume that there the 4.0-liter V8 in its top flavor, under the beautifully sculpted hood of the Mercedes-AMG GT4.

The GT4 is sent onto the road to fight the archenemy built by Porsche, the well-established Panamera.

Stay tuned and be prepared! The best is yet to come! You’ll be seeing every inch of the car in less than 12 hours from now!