Mercedes-AMG GT4: 4-door supercar caught testing

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Mercedes-AMG GT4, the four-door equivalent of the GT supercar, has been caught during hot weather testing ahead of its 2018 launch. 

The production design cues have been anticipated at the Geneva Motor Show with the GT Concept, running a hybrid powertrain. The final car, which could be called AMG GT4, does not have to be confused with the CLS. The GT4 it much more slender and aggressive, and it does so even without taking full advantage of the lines of the GT Coupé. The four door supercar has clearly a design of its own for a truly unique appearance.

In the year when the AMG celebrates its half-century career, a project like this certainly makes the news even though the car will actually be on the market between 2018 and 2019. Details like the already definitive front lights confirm that the tests are already in an advanced stage, while the squared exhaust pipes are certainly one of the signature features of Affalterbach’s products. It only remains to discover the true styling of the rear and its tailgate, as a bulky spoiler is visible under the camouflage, far different from the clean contour of the concept.

Sports hybrid, new AMG signature. The issue of the powertrain remains open: the GT Concept has debuted alongside the EQ Power + symbol also used on Formula One cars, but it is up to the hypercar Project One to honor this technology. The GT4 could adopt something similar in the future, as demonstrated by the 4.0 biturbo V8 taken all up to 815 hp on the Geneva prototype, but it is also possible that the commercial launch will take place with a traditional motor instead.