All the cars in Fast 8 (#F8) movie. Mercedes-AMG GT among the stars

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Fast 8 or #F8 for Twitter fans will give the Fast and Furious franchise a new lease of life. The future blockbuster is starting a brand new trilogy for the famous Hollywood saga. Among its stars, there is also the Mercedes-AMG GT supercar.

An official sneak peek behind the scenes of the upcoming movie gave us the chance to meet the amazing cars featured. And what a sight! If we are to believe the images in the video we saw, Fast 8 will host the biggest gathering of exotic and classic motors ever to grace the silver screen. The net value of all the models present would easily exceed the whopping amount of $17 million.

Beyond the Fast and the Furious regulars like Lamborghini and Nissan, what caught our attention was Mercedes’ latest supercar, the AMG GT. Enjoy the 16-minute video preview below.