Mercedes AMG GT shows its verve at Laguna Seca in 360° videos

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Mercedes-Benz teamed-up with DTM champion Bernd Schneider and released a series of 360° mini-films to promote the new AMG GT S.

Before you get too excited – we know, the picture of the AMG GT roaring on the tarmac at Laguna Seca is obsessive – you must know that the  videos are designed for the Samsung Gear VR headset. However, they are viewable on your desktop or laptop, but for the full virtual experience you should try and watch them on the recommended terminal.

Nevertheless, you can choose from three different angles: one in the front of the car, one inside the AMG GT and one on the rear spoiler. The videos were shot using 18 cameras which were installed on specially-built rigs.

After all the action was captured on camera, all the videos were stitched together to create, and we quote, “a spectacular and immersive experience that is so vivid, it feels like you’re hovering just off the front or back bumper of the new GT.”

Oh, and yeah, DTM champion Bernd Schneider is responsible for all the spicy moments found in the videos, especially those involving drifting and smoking tires.

In order to watch the videos, please click here and here.