Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake artist impression

Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake computer picture
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Graphic designer Rain Prisk from Estonia drew on the computer some nice shooting brake cars, based on the real sport cars, including the Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake.

Auto motor und sport website published the artist’s impression on the shooting brake versions of some current sport cars.

The shooting brake, in the original British description, is an estate sports car with two doors and a tail gate. Some of the iconic shooting brakes of the last years are the BMW M-Coupe based on the first BMW Z3 generation, and the Ferrari FF.

Mercedes also found an interpretation of the shooting brake, with a four door body and an estate style with a practical tail gate. We can mention the CLS Shooting Brake and the CLA Shooting Brake.

Graphic designer Rain Prisk from Estonia imagined some shooting brake cars based on the BMW i8, the Nissan GT-R or the Mercedes-AMG GT.

We do not know how the future 2+2 AMG GT4, planned for 2018 by AMG will look like, but the AMG GT Shooting Brake drawn by Rain Priske looks amazing. And a 2+2 Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake looks more sporty than a classic 2+2 coupe.

Rain Prisk takes 3-4 hours of work to fully convert a sports car into a shooting brake. He also has a Facebook page,, where you can find other nice computer renderings. Rain Prisk has been modifying cars on computer since he was 13 years old. The 24-year old graphic designer would transform his passion into profession.

We present here the Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake, as it was imagined by Prisk and published by You can see the full set of drawings here.