Mercedes-AMG GT S meets an unexpected contester. Can it loose?

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Mercedes-AMG GT S is not as mighty as some might think. Or at least that’s what the over optimistic folks from Motor Trend thought when pitting a Jaguar F-Type R against the German supercar. Can the Cat hold a candle to Stuttgarts’ finest?

True, on paper the two recipes sound awfully familiar. We’re talking about a duo of two-seater churning out in excess of 500 hp from (again!) similarly positioned V8s – lurking under their long bonnets, that is. The German school prefers turbo-charging, while the British one is in favor of supercharging, though.

Admittedly, things get a bit more interesting when taking into account the traction solutions chosen by Mercedes-AMG and Jaguar. Here the F-Type R might actually get an advantage since AWD is definitely better than RWD in most driving conditions. Except on track maybe… or when doing donuts.

Sending all that power more efficiently to the proper wheels is better than wasting it in a cloud of smoke. And the power specs certainly don’t dissapoint on both accounts. 510 for the Mercedes-AMG GT S and no less than 550 hp for the Jaguar. An uneven race?

Not necessarily. See, the Mercedes-AMG GT S was crafted as a pure-bred supercar right from the outset with lighter, more sophisticated chassis and aerodynamics. The F-Type on the other hand is also an amazing, ballistic even coupe, just not as focused as the Merc.

So well sorted that you’d have to wonder if perfection is what we’re finally witnessing in its case. The front end is in charge of steering, the rear one of pushing the car ahead. Simple as that!

Tough choice… Can the Jaguar F-Type R really outgun the Mercedes-AMG GT S? See for yourself in Motor Trend’s video test below.