Mercedes-AMG GT S Fire Department Edition. Not quite a fire truck!

Meredes-AMG GT
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We thought it was about racing. We thought it was about getting all the attention in traffic. We thought it was for driving performance. But that’s just what the Fire Department thinks about the Mercedes-AMG GT S, too. Just that their mission is a bit different.

So here is the Mercedes-AMG GT S Fire Department Edition. The world’s leading trade show on fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue and safety made this to impress the audience coming to see the exhibits at the 2015 edition in Hannover, Germany. The GT found a place among gigantic fire trucks, heavy duty vehicles, foam demonstrations and rescue intervention simulations.

If the latest sports car built by Mercedes-AMG can comply fire missions is still questionable, but maybe it can be settled until June 13, the moment it will leave Hannover.

The missions of the fire departments are races against time, so being fast and safe is a matter of life and death. The AMG GT 4.0-liter 510 HP biturbo engine of the car that runs from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds must surely be good for something. At least, it can distract people, while the real fire trucks and the fire fighters are putting an end to danger.