Mercedes-AMG GT S becomes a 10 seconds car

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With a little help, I should add. The Mercedes-AMG GT S is a fast car on its own, no doubt about it, but it’s not a “10 seconds car”. What does that mean and why do I keep saying it? Read on.

Apparently, that’s a big thing in the world of drag racing. A 10 seconds car is a car that can cover one quarter of a mile (approximately 400 metres) in less than 11 seconds from a standstill. You’ll say it’s not that impressive since Usain Bolt can to 100 meters in under 10 seconds, so the car is only about four times faster than the man and it’s a machine purposely built for that. Well, so is Usain Bolt if you ask me (not this season, though, this season he’s pretty bad).

All that aside, this Mercedes-AMG GT S is what it is and if enough people say that’s an impressive feat, then I’ll go with them. I mentioned this wasn’t a stock car, but one that had received some TLC (tender loving care, for all those who are not up to date with the latest acronyms) from not one, but two tuning companies.

If you’re rubbing your hands right now expecting a 1.000 plus hp figure, you’ll be disappointed. Very disappointed, in fact, because neither RENNtech nor ADV.1 will disclose the full power potential of this modified Mercedes-AMG GT S, but bear this in mind: the stock car will cover the same 400 meters distance in a little over 11 seconds, so the Mercedes-AMG GT S is nearly a 10 seconds car the moment it leaves the assembly line. The power boost, then, might not be that impressive, but on the other hand those extra few tenths of seconds are very hard to gain at this stratospheric level, so we could be talking about at least a hundred extra horse power.

The modified Mercedes-AMG GT S blasted through the 400 meters strip in 10.94 seconds and crossed the finish line with a speed of 206 km/h. You can watch the clip here. Yes, it’s short, but it sounds terrific.