Mercedes AMG GT meets Porsche 911 in auto motor und sport test

Mercedes AMG GT S.
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They say you cannot prevent the inevitable from happening and at some point, we all meet our destiny. The same saying is valid for the Mercedes AMG GT which finally encountered its rival, the Porsche 911, in a head to head test signed by auto motor und sport.

Everybody preditcted this, but nobody could tell for sure when will it happed. After Chris Harris gave his positive verdict on the new Mercedes AMG GT S, the sports coupe has finally met his opponent.

This is mainly because auto motor und sport managed to put the AMG GT next to his rival, the Porsche 911. It is worth nothing that we are actually talking about an AMG GT S versus a Porsche 911 Turbo, details which only make the battle ever more exciting.

According to auto motor und sport, the AMG GT – with its 4-liter V8 – is almost as naughty as the Porsche 911 – powered by a 3.6-liter boxer engine, but still not as exciting during more sporty driving.

However, the German coupe boats a better-looking and better-feeling interior than its arch-rival, aspect which kind of evens the odds when the final line is drawn.

The verdict: both cars perform like top athletes, and it’s their personalities that set them apart. And of course, the price, with a 30,000 euro advantage for the AMG GT S.

For German-proficient readers, the full review is available here, next to a comprehensive photo gallery and a short video.