Mercedes-AMG GT lands on fire hydrant and floods the area

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A Mercedes-AMG GT landed on a fire hydrant and caused a major flood and colossal damage. It happened in Korea Town, Los Angeles, California. The car – metaphorically speaking – went down the drain.

The sports car is now a wrack and car insurance won’t probably compensate much of the value of the new automobile. The driver reportedly ran through a red light and hit both a Range Rover and a fire hydrant. Witnesses claim that he must have had approximately 60 mph (96 km/h) when speeding through the junction and seemed to have no intention to brake whatsoever. Fortunately, nobody got injured in the crash.

Driver drops from the 3rd floor of a parking garage with a G-Class and survives the crash. VIDEO

The luxury SUV also looks to have suffered major damage to its front fascia, but nothing irrepairable. We cannot say the same about the Mercedes-AMG GT though.

The videos of the car converted into a spring well went, posted on Facebook, viral. Water pours off the trunk lid and through the taillights’ edges of the $150,000 car, but the lights of the black GT still work. However, the electronics may not be in a good shape after this incident. There is great probability that the car will be declared a write-off, considering that the front quarter panel and front wheel on the right side are far from being in a good condition.