Mercedes-AMG GT destroyed in protests in Paris. How is the car guilty?

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The protests in France have led to fatalities, arrests and chaos in the streets of the country’s major towns. The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) have now resorted to destroying luxury cars. A Mercedes-AMG GT was their latest victim.

The call for calm launched by President Emmanuel Macron did not put an end to violence in Paris, as protesters still blame the French leader for the rising of the oil prices across the state. The one that they call “The president of the rich”, Macron, has resorted to raising taxes on diesel fuel, in an attempt to encourage the driving of less-polluting  vehicles.

Hundreds of thousands of people protested across the country for the past few weeks and some of them took protests further with violent acts. Such a violent act was setting cars on fire. An AMG GT and a Porsche 9111 Cabriolet were among their victims. The video below, posted on YouTube by Chris-RS, shows little of the dramatic situation that has hit the state.

Gilets Jaunes take their name from the yellow vests that motorists must carry in their cars to make themselves seen in the event of a car breakdown. Not even the announcement of the French Government on suspending the plans of raising oil prices managed to take them off the streets of Paris.