Mercedes-AMG GT crash caused by mad C 63 S is shocking

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This is certainly not the first documented Mercedes-AMG GT crash. But it definitely is the most shocking! Daimler’s junior supercar was totaled after colliding with a C 63 S on breezy track day in South Africa.

What should have been a relaxed slalom stunt staged by AMG for its loyal customers on the Zwartkops track ended in tears. The accident took place after the yellow GT failed to keep the pace and ruined the entire choreography, causing the blue Mercedes-AMG C 63 S to hit it at full speed.

The two cars were supposed to fly right past each other. Instead, they left the track in pieces, declared totalled on the spot. Even if the pace of the footage doesn’t seem to imply so, the accident was quite severe and involved deforming the passenger sell of the Mercedes-AMG GT, deploying the curtain airbags as well in the process.

Thanks to Zero2Turbo which has got its hands on the video, we’ve now learned a thing or two about timing and discipline. Unless you’d like to become an international youtube star and write-off what is possibly the greatest junior supercar in the segment.

Fortunately no one was injured, the drivers being wonderfully cocooned by the ultra-rigid (read safe) bodies of the two Affalterbach wonders.