Mercedes-AMG GT Concept gets Shooting Brake and Cabrio treatments

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We bring you the first look at the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept in hypothetical Shooting Brake and Convertible guise – as imagined by graphic designer Aksyonov Nikita.

Shortly after the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept has been revealed in Geneva it has constantly caught the eye of digital experts, who are imagining how the car would look in different body styles. And Nikita’s attempt is certainly a success. The seductive design of the four-door Mercedes-AMG GT Concept translates very well into a Shooting Brake body, complete with an elongated roof which flows seamlessly towards the beautifully sculptured back. In E-Class Coupe fashion, the taillight design adopts a slim, feline look.

In the digital simulations, Nikita kept the rear diffuser, the central-mounted exhaust system and the stylish-looking wheels with gold inserts, but made the front grille simpler, by replacing it with a typically Panamericana style Mercedes-AMG one.

mercedes-amg-gt-concept (5)

The Convertible, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from the luxurious S-Class Cabrio and keeps the four-door format of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, as a nod to big cabrios from the ’30s and ’40s. To give the render a more realistic feel, a pair of regular side mirrors were added to the mix.

Of course, this is only a design concept, so the hybrid propulsion system of the original Mercedes-AMG GT Concept suffered no alterations. Called EQ Power +, it is a combination of a state-of-the-art V8 petrol engine and a high-performance electric unit. Both intelligently networked and combined with a modular battery concept. The sprint from 0-100 is less than three seconds – which corresponds to the super sports car level. The AMG’s 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 is set at a good 600 hp. The all-wheel drive also gets a progressive note: the rear axle also drives a powerful electric motor which assists the standard torque vectoring with targeted over-acceleration. READ MORE ABOUT THE MERCEDES-AMG GT CONCEPT HERE.

Source: Aksyonov Nikita