Mercedes-AMG GT 4: Best spy pictures yet

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In 2018, Mercedes-AMG will launch a four-door sports coupe, called Mercedes-AMG GT 4. For the first time, the series version of the Mercedes-AMG GT 4 was caught on tape by auto motor und sport with significantly less camouflage.

AMG GT 4? Right, just recently the study AMG GT Concept was presented at the Geneva Autosalon and the model gave a first look at the upcoming GT in four-door coupe guise. The study came with the Mercedes all-purpose weapon, the four-liter Bi-turbo V8 engine, flanked by an electric motor. Output: 816 hp.

The four-liter engine will also be fitted in the standard model, with a conventional 600 plus horsepower rating for market launch. The modified E-Class platform, which is supplemented by the four-wheel steering system of the AMG GT R, serves as the platform for the Mercedes-AMG GT 4. However, the transaxle system will not be featured in the sports coupe for reasons of space. Instead, there is the familiar 4-Matic four-wheel system. From the AMG GT R, the GT 4 can borrow a little bit of the design. Panamericana grill, wide headlights drawn in the fenders and narrow tail lights.

The AMG four-door will come to the market in 2018 and it probably also acts as successor to the CLS 63 AMG (currently 135,000 euros). The four-door coupe CLS will also be available in 2018 and will be built on the same platform as the AMG GT 4.

The variant with the hybrid drive, as the concept car promised, will come in 2019. What price is due for this is not yet clear.

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