Mercedes-AMG goes hybrid 53

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Mercedes-AMG keeps up with the trend and is inching closer to the company’s deadline: to launch more and more eco-friendly powered vehicles. The Affalterbach-based powerhouse is set to reveal the new 53 hybrid powertrain in the 2018 CLS 4-door coupe.

The power will be provided by an M256 3.0-liter inline six tuned up to 430 horsepower, supported by a 70-horsepower electric motor. The 53 variant will be positioned under the V8-powered 63, but above the 43 model. The 53 will eventually replace the 43 entry level AMG models when it will make its debut.

It seems that the new models will not be plug-in hybrids and will not be able to run un electric power only. Instead, the electric unit will likely integrate a mild hybrid system that assists the gas engine under load, recovering energy through a regenerative braking procedure.

Citing an internal source, reports suggest that the 53 designation, following its debut in the CLS 4-door coupe, is expected to make an appearance on the rear of the E-Class sedan, coupe and convertible, as well as that of the new S-Class sedan. It will eventually find its place in the GLC, GLE and the GLS high-performance variants, all underpinned by the company’s MRA modular architecture.

The first of the AMG hybrids will make its debut this fall, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in the shape of the Project One hypercar.