Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 gets ready to rule the world – first pics

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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 gets ready for its mid life overhaul which brings a fresh name and luxury to rival the upcoming Bentley Bentayga.

Our spy photographers have caught for the first time a running prototype of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS, formerly known as the GL, in no less than AMG guise.

The light camouflage reveals the cosmetic changes will revolve around the front with new headlights, grille assembly and bumper all expected to make an appearance. At the rear, all we see is a new pair of tail-lights with LED technology.

But why change the winning company? After all, the GL already looked spectacular especially in AMG outfit. The GLS will face fierce competition in the new Bentayga, Bentley’s first-ever SUV. The result is a heavily modified interior featuring a big step up in therms of fit and finish plus an all-new infotainment system lifted straight from the recently upgraded GLE smaller sibling, 8-inch color screen and rotary controller included.


Also borrowed from the GLE is the adaptive drive train and the off-road mapping with its four different settings. Of course, this doesn’t mean that future Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 owners will venture too far off the tarmac.

Sportiness is still the main feature written with capital letters on GLS’ business card. And it doesn’t disappoint in this department with its whopping 557 HP. As you’d probably have guessed the engine will stay the same with the overtly familiar 5,5-liter bi-turbo V8 still in service under the long menacing bonnet of the facelifted Mercedes-AMG GLS 63.

Commercial debut is slated for this year’s end with the public premiere programmed to take place in less than a month at the Frankfurt motor show.

Photo credits: AUTOMEDIA